.NET 基金会项目介绍-Peachpie Compiler Platform

Peachpie Compiler Platform 是属于 .Net 基金会的一个项目,本文将简要介绍该项目相关的信息。


Peachpie Compiler Platform

Peachpie is a modern compiler and runtime of PHP for .NET and .NET Core,
built on top of Roslyn. It aims to be fully compatible with the PHP language, including PHP 7.1 and any newly released versions.

Project Goals

  • Increased performance: Peachpie’s extensive type analysis and the influence of Microsoft Roslyn should provide an improved performance of PHP applications and components.
  • Security: since programs run within the standardized and manageable .NET or .NET Core environment, the code is fully verifiable without any unsafe constructs.
  • Cross-platform development: the project compiles legacy PHP code into portable class libraries, enabling developers to build cross-platform apps and libraries for Microsoft platforms.
  • Full .NET compatibility: compiled programs run on the reimplemented Peachpie runtime, fully compatibly with the PHP runtime.
  • Both-way interoperability: the project allows for hybrid applications, where parts are written in C### and others in PHP. The parts will be entirely compatible and can communicate seamlessly, all within the .NET framework.

Project Details

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