.NET 基金会项目介绍-DNN Platform

DNN Platform 是属于 .Net 基金会的一个项目,本文将简要介绍该项目相关的信息。


DNN Platform

DNN Platform At A Glance

DNN® ( formerly DotNetNuke® ) is the leading open source web content management platform (CMS) in the Microsoft ecosystem. The product is used to build professional looking and easy-to-use commercial websites, social intranets, community portals, or partner extranets. Containing dynamic content of all types, DNN sites are easy to deploy and update. The DNN Platform has been downloaded more than 8 million times and powers more than 750,000 websites globally. A community of more than 1 million members forms a powerful support network.

Thousands of free and commercial extensions, apps and skins are available at the DNN Store that make extending a DNN site fast and affordable.

In addition to robust content management, the free, open source DNN Platform includes the following built-in features:

  • Single installation with multi-site capability
  • File and folder management
  • Static and dynamic Localization - 6 languages out-of-the-box (English, Ducth, French, German, Italian, and Spanish)
  • Customized web site templates and themes
  • Cloud-ready with MS Azure compatibility
  • 100’s of REST API for site and content managment
  • Modern client-side Web tools like CSS 3, HTML 5, JQuery, and React
  • UI with drag and drop capability, and rich-text editor for in-place UI editing
  • Extensible through custom modules and many third party modules available in the DNN store
  • Robust security
  • Administration features like: security roles, protected content, SEO, scheduler, SSL support, taxonomy, site log, and many more.

Project Details

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